July 8, 2017

Disclaimer: This is a rant. Try not to be butthurt. 

So a couple of days ago I was scrolling through twitter and saw a thread that this girl had posted on my timeline. To put it short, she was talking about how the Kardashians/Jenners are wasting their money and fame by not using them in ways that can help change the world. I pondered a little about this and found myself agreeing with her.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the world is hurting. The world is in chaos. Rarely anyone is genuinely kind. Compassion is fleeting. Integrity seems none existent. We can't afford to not care. We can't afford to be selfish. We can't afford to let people who have the resources and platform to change the world not help anyone but themselves. It just doesn't make sense. Imagine if a portion of Kylie's lip kits went to a cause or sanctuary. Imagine if not only the Kardashians/Jenners, but ANYONE with a huge platform were to shed light on real issues. Imagine having so much fame, money, and power to make a positive impact, and all you do is post selfies. And cars. And body shots. And anything else that is materialistic and superficial. It's.....disappointing to say the least.

Here's my thing, if you're not going to use your platform to make a change, give it to someone who will. By no means am I saying that person is me, or even you, but there are hundreds of people, activists, and advocates struggling to get people to listen and focus on real issues and movements that are revolutionary, yet we follow people who post selfies and do anything for attention and we follow them like blind sheep (kendall and kylie knew damn well what they were doing with those t shirts).

If you do have the platform, don't see , let's say, 1 million followers and think "OMG look at me, I'm so awesome," think "how can I use this influence/following to benefit others, to give back". The world is too fucked up to just think about yourself.

Nothing is wrong with selfies. Nothing is wrong with body pics or cars. Nothing is wrong with superficiality, but, how much is enough before it becomes damaging? Before everything you have to offer the world is surface level?

I know I pointed fingers at the Kardashian/Jenners, but that's because they have hella money and power in the media. Log onto instagram and you'll find every other girl posing and looking like Kylie Jenner. And the funny thing is, they know it too. While we're trying to be like them, their cashing in their money on our cluelessness.

To wrap everything up, because trust me, I can go on and on about this topic, all I'm trying to say is, can we cut the bullshit? Can we be the generation that doesn't fall under stereotypes? Can we, I don't know, let our ego die and realize that we all need to work together if we want to live in a progressive society?

But hell, what do I know, right?

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  1. I love this post because I definitely, entirely agree. I think people get famous for the dumbest things and for things that don't even make a change in the world and it's a shame they're not moving a finger to put their fame and influence to real use in the world, not just to increase their income even more with that lipstick. I don't know much about them as an example because I couldn't care less but this was a great post and just how I see it!

    Hannah | Stories Of A Telescope

    1. It's disheartening to see people get famous for doing absolutely nothing, yet there's actual advocates, activists, and artists trying to make the world a better place and they get no recognition. I just used the Kardashians/Jenners as an example because their honestly always in the spotlight, but there's so many other famous people who act similar. Thank you for commenting <3

  2. i kinda agree but okay hear me out.

    i agree that the kardashians / jenners are only wasting their time posting selfies and shit. i feel like they're too busy being divas that they don't even care about what is happening with the world. if i have a shit ton of money the way they do and have my own makeup line, without a doubt i'm going to use all my profit to save, say, stray animals and build better shelters for them. i'll want to splurge on fancy things for myself too and yes that's true because i'm only human after all but i'll do things i couldn't do before now that i have the power to do it. let's not pretend, money is power. and if i were to poop money the way kylie does, you bet i'm gonna help fund organizations that help stray animals.

    on the other hand, the reason why it makes me cringe when people bitch on influencers because they're not throwing some cash for charity is that a). it's the influencer's money and i feel like some people pretend to be saintful social justice warriors by saying 'omg kylie should throw her cash into this charity, that charity! i can't believe she is so heartless because she'd rather use her money to buy expensive shit for herself all the time!' i mean, it just sounds pretentious to me when people say that kind of shit because let's face it, who doesn't love having power? most humans do. i don't mean to offend but those people who say such things can also fake an angelic persona because they are not as privileged as the jenners or kardashians. now i'm not gonna say they are jealous because i don't want to say that even if deep down, i believe that's the reason why some people bitch at others when it comes to how they should spend their money. i mean ugh how do i say this... humans love temptations. the more money / power you have, the more shit that you wanna own. that's just how it is. tbh i'm sick of internet people shitting on beauty influencers for, say, buying a new eyeshadow palette instead of throwing funds for charity. while i do not disagree with that, i'm just saying people reek of hypocrisy.

    b). famous people use charity as a way to increase their fame, to trick us into thinking about how generous or kind or angelic they are. i'm not saying all influencers are fake but some certainly are. some certainly help charity because they know it's what their followers would love to see and that it would give them more spotlight. this gross me out tbh. let's not lie, some influencers CAN develop this kind of sly mindset and thinking about it just gross me out because really, when it comes to the internet and celebrities, we don't know what's real and what's not.

    my point is, i'm not saying i disagree with you. i completely agree that if we have the power to help, we should do it. but it's kind of a grey area because ethics and morals are always blurry - at least that's what i think. i personally would help fund organizations that save stray animals or wildlife but that's because i WANT to and that's how i want these influencers to think. i want them to do it because they WANT to, because they feel like their humanity is telling them to DO it, y'know? it's the authenticity that builds trust, not the constant pressure and nagging and hate from the media or internet users.

    i am in no way a fan of the kardashians or jenners. i personally think they are scatterbrains and like you said, it's just sad how privileged people actually forget that they can actually make a change and improve our world. they think that their hard earned money is not shareable and that's just... *shrug*

    oh well, i hope i'm making sense.

    1. Girl, I get it. I completely understand. Your points are valid and make a lot of sense. Like I said in my post, if I had the same amount of money they do, God only knows what I'd do with it. We all like to say that if we had money or fame we would be humble and all, but until we actually have it, we don't know that. I don't completely hate the Jenners/Kardashians, in fact Kim is my favorite haha. I just dislike how they sometimes use their fame and fortune. Be selfish at times. Buy all the makeup you want. Take as many selfies as you want, but eventually enough is enough and all that shit isn't going to matter. What's going to matter is your legacy, what you left behind. When you're old, the number of eye shadow palettes aren't going to make you happy anymore, it's the relationships you built and the service you did for others.

      And like I said, if their not interested in being advocates, they can at least shine light on those who are and help them build their own brand and cause that will actually do some good in the world. At the end of the day, we aren't the only ones living on this planet and if we want to advance as a society and give our kids a better place to live in, we have to work together as one. Be selfless at times.

      I'm not speaking from a place of jealously or envy, I'm speaking from a place of frustration and love. The world is a hurting mess and there's articles on Snapchat about Kylie's boobs? Do you see the problem? There is no doubt in my mind that some celebrities use charities to increase their fame. It sucks and is a bunch of bs. But they are also celebrities who actually care. We can all think for ourselves and we're all able to seek the truth. If something doesn't feel authentic and genuine, it's probably not.

      To cut this comment short, I got what you said and I hear you. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment. I appreciate it <3


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