April 11, 2017

I'm starting to get back into music and listening to a lot more songs of different genres, released at different times. I love how music can be interpreted, consumed, and experienced differently by every person who comes in contact with it. Music is a form of art, and I don't think I've appreciated it as much as I do now.

I've heard the term "real music" quite a few times from many people, and it's something I use to say myself. I didn't realize how dumb I sounded using that word in the context that I did. From my observation, anything that is mainstream is not considered to be "real music". Anything that is just a few catchy lyrics coupled with a good beat is not considered to be "real music". If anything, "real music" is music from past generations that have more value and substance behind them, which I completely understand. But my problem is when people start to disrespect and put other people down for listening to music that doesn't fit in with their idea of "real music".

Here's what I think: music is meant to be interpreted, consumed, and experienced by different people in different ways. Someone not liking mainstream music because it doesn't move them or give them the experience or feeling they want, is fine. What's not fine is acting like you're on a pedestal and are the ultimate critique of good music, or "real music". I love that we can have opinions on different music styles, but that doesn't mean we can down right disrespect someone's music taste. The term "real music" is getting overused and it's getting old.

For me personally, I love music with substance. I love music that evokes a feeling out of me, rather than just being a catchy tune. I love music that has a deeper meaning behind the lyrics, the sounds, the entire production as a whole. With that being said, I also love music that's just a good bop. I love music that just makes me feel good, without having some deep ass meaning behind it. I love music that I can just dance to without having a care in the world. I like to compare music to tattoos. Both are a form of art, but with tattoos you don't necessarily have to get something tatted on you that means a whole lot. You can get something that just looks pretty to look at, and that's how it is with music. Sometimes it's nice to have music that's just pretty to listen to, nothing else much to it.

I will say though, it does get tiring seeing artists produce the same exact thing just because they know it will make it in the charts. That's when I think music starts to loose it's value, and becomes fake. To make real music is to make music with the reminder that music is first and foremost an art. That should always be the primary focus when creating anything. When you start to focus on the fame or the charts when creating songs, then the music looses its authenticity and becomes stale. Music is an outlet that was created to make people feel good, to express emotions, and to make statements. It's not an outlet to saturate with dry songs that serve no purpose other than to be number one on Billboards Top 100. That's when it becomes all but real. At least to me.

Although I love a good bop here and there, I have a special appreciation for artists who create music with depth. It's refreshing to see an artist put together something that can make the listener feel something greater than just wanting to get up and dance. Artists like Adele, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce,  Banks, Lorde, Emeli Sande, TwentyOne Pilots, and my favorite, Sleeping At Last have something unique about them that stands out from what's usually on the charts. There's obviously so many more artists who do this, but those were just a few that came to mind. I also think that's why I'm so in love with Sign of the Times because it's just different than what's on the radio nowadays. It's a breath of fresh air and it's a change from the usual. Music with substance is what I call myself to be a fan of.

With this post, I just wanted to not only express my love for music, but to explain how I feel about the phrase "real music". Like I said before, it's overused and can we just let it die lol. Real music is whatever the hell people like. For some, it's underground music. For others, it's mainstream pop music. For me, it's music that was made with the reminder that it's an art, and should be created with that as its primary focus, nothing else. Whether it be a bop like One Dance by Drake or Sign of the Times by Harry Styles (my baby, god i love this boy so much), I can see the art in both styles. It's good music, period.

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