March 5, 2017

I know I know. This is such a strange topic for me to be discussing, but with all the issues in this generation, body image being such a prominent one, I think the topic of plastic surgery is an important discussion to have.

So let's have it.

I recently came across a post on twitter of a girl who openly said she got a Brazilian Butt Lift. She included before and after pictures, and of course, there were a lot of differing opinions thrown and people adding their own two cents into the situation. This sparked a lot of feelings in me and how I feel about people getting plastic surgery, or more specifically, cosmetic plastic surgery.

Before I even start, I just want to say that at the end of the day, it's your body and you can ultimately do whatever the hell you chose to do with it. I mean it's going to deteriorate eventually and it's not really going to affect anyone but you, so do you.

Now back to my thoughts. I'm not for or against cosmetic plastic surgery. To me, the procedure isn't the focus, it's the reason as to why you're getting it done or why you think you should get it done. With a generation that is so concerned about our appearances, it's no surprise that people are getting their bodies touched up. And because this generation is so judgmental towards others, it's no surprise that people aren't open and honest about their surgeries. People will make fun of your small boobs, but come at your neck the second you get a boob job. So for starters, if you're thinking that getting surgery will make the judgement and bullying stop, it won't. People will always find something to tear you down. Don't, for the love of God, spend thousands of dollars to please others. Just don't.

I know this generation is all about being natural, embracing our natural bodies, and working with what we got, and I'm all here for it! I'm a huge advocate for loving yourself the way you are. All bodies are different and beautiful. We all come in different shapes and sizes. I know you look on TV and read magazines and see nothing but girls with hourglass figures, big boobs, big butts, and flat stomachs. It's so easy to believe that that's what you should look like and strive for, but it's wrong. Most of the time, those models are just photo shopped and the photos are glossed over. Stop striving for something that doesn't even exist. Before you get anything done, ask yourself, "why"? What do you think a bigger butt or bigger boobs will do for you? If it's something small and just to boost your confidence, then okay. But if it's some deeply rooted self image problem, no amount of surgery will make you feel better about yourself. I understand that looking good on the outside can improve how you feel about yourself on the inside, but that's on such a small scale. Ultimately, beauty comes from within. Make sure you're okay and on good terms with yourself on the inside before you even think about getting your body touched up. Don't do something you'll regret because you did it for the wrong reasons.

Moving on.

Stop shaming people who do get their bodies done. It's none of your business what someone does with their body. They know it's not real. They know it's not natural. If getting that tummy tuck made them feel a little better about themselves, then what's wrong with that? If it's just to boost some self confidence, what's wrong with that? Sometimes exercise and diet don't get you to the body you want to achieve. Sometimes it takes too long. And if you have the money for it, why not? It's just a body (treat it well of course but you get what I mean).

Stop lying about getting your bodies done too, especially if you're a public figure. With hundreds to thousands to millions of young impressionable people watching you, you do hold some responsibility. Stop letting these young girls think they can achieve a body that's not natural. Stop implanting these unrealistic images of bodies in young people's minds. Just be honest. Don't get shit done and be ashamed of it. Be proud of your decision or don't do it. It's not that fucking hard. If you're that worried about people judging you, then maybe you should think twice about why you're even getting it done. Just a thought.

I think I made my stance clear on this whole cosmetic plastic surgery fiasco. It's a back and forth topic in our society and I just had to throw my own two cents in it. I've struggled with my body and I still don't love it completely, but I'm learning to. It's easy to get caught up in our appearances, but just know that they don't matter as much as society will tell you they do. Of course you should take care of yourself physically, but your mental health is much more important. Loving your body is more of a mental transformation than a physical one. If it's on a small scale and not that deep to you, then get whatever you want done, done. Just make sure you're doing it for the right reasons, and you're of an older age. If you're seventeen, maybe wait a while because your body is still developing. Be informed and educated about what you're doing to your body before you get it done too.

Just love yourself. I know that's so annoying to hear, but just fucking do it okay? In whatever you can, with whatever help you can get, just love yourself. Life's too short to care about stupid things, like if some idiot comes at you on instagram because your boobs are too saggy or if you got your butt lifted. Just do you and let life be.

Here's a nice little quote I found recently that I felt would be appropriate to conclude today's post:

Everybody else analyses you from your hair to your eyebrows to the way you wave your hands. If you start worrying about it and overthinking everything you do, it all just becomes false, so I think, just carry on as you are, do what you do and get on with it.

What are your thoughts on cosmetic plastic surgery?  

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